During the Pandemic for most of us life became unclear . Life and nature with community interaction seemed unobtainable. For those of us who strive to be resilient, getting back to the basics was and is a foundational goal. Finding ways to connect, create stability and balance were and still are paramount.  Some of us are focused on making sure that we all are aware that this will pass and that working together can change the world. Making art  in any form, sharing and inspiring others to move,dance, create, sing can connect us all in very powerful and magical ways.  This page is dedicated to all  the adventures in my  space  from  March 2020 to the present. Let the journeys continue and do your part to share. Lets create a better world together. Feel free and send me a message, connect.  

Collective effort  WOMS 2021

G.A" One mask" WOMS2021

G. A. "Oakland"WOMS 2021

G.A " Up above" WOMS2021

Colab"Create a bright future"WOMS2021"

S.H"Call for action" WOMS 2021

M.D" We all need air to breathe" WOMS 2021

Colab " Leave your mark" WOMS2021

G.A" Words to inspire" WOMS2021"

M.D "Water is life" WOMS2021

E.H. "BLM" WOMS 2021

G.P "Pandemic success" HS2020

J.D " I'm not perfect." H.S 2020

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