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Duwenavue Santé Johnson is a San Francisco- Philadelphia   based artist. Through a long art journey, she has become an accomplished hand embroider and contemporary artist while not limiting herself to any one medium in her growth. She is a self-starter with a passion for learning, travel and nature. Her work is influenced by world travels and draws from the colors, patterns and textures of nature. She incorporates many styles of painting and textile work from formal education guidance to being influenced by Southeast Asian, African, European and American arts. Most of her time has been spent absorbing history and all forms of art and textiles which energizes creativity. She is recognized as a professional government artist and working in Philadelphia as a hand embroider. Contributing to all aspects related to art shows  in the US and internationally with Tiger Strikes 

Astroid (TSA) Philly.  Also collaboratively working with after school art programs and community centers under San Francisco School of Needlework and Design (SFSNAD) are ways to provide a consistent connection with society.


My work

I have studied, trained, as a working artist. I maintain a freelance studio focused on 2 and 3D disciplines along with being recognized as an artisanal master craftswoman, teacher in the needle arts. Time is spent mainly in two disciplines stitching and painting. Most of my time in the painting realm focused on watercolor, gouache mediums, vintage and newly created japanese stencils to allow for texture and color depth. Print work is performed on handmade silk fabric and paper . Every environment has its own issues on how to maintain an eco-component to their practice. Creating practices that lead to a slow art movement allows for the stewardship of space and teaching opportunities. Have Participated in in numerous curated public presentations of art exhibitions like TSA(Philly), the Jones Institute, Art Span, 69 Belcher St, and Active Space (San Francisco, Oakland). Numerous shows with Oxheart, Gowanus in Brooklyn, New York and Saint Paul, Minnesota at Squirrel Haus Arts. Hand embroidery has been Featured in Paris,France at Atelier Zardosi, various textile shows with the Royal School of Needlework (RSN) in the UK, and in Seoul, South Korea with Han Sang Soo.  Teaching and Curating textile shows sponsored by IKEA in Malmo, Sweden along with many volunteer projects.



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